Payment and Delivery


1) Wire transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

You can make your wire transfer or EFT payments to any of our Bank accounts ($).


2) With your credit cards through our site.

You can use online single payment or online installment options on any credit card. At the end of your order on your online payment, the amount deduction from your credit card will take place. A refund to your credit card will be issued within 3 business days on order cancellations due to possible cancellations or stock issues.


3) Order Refund

In case of cancellation of your orders for possible reasons; MOSART JEWELRY AND TRADE CO. LTD. returns the product cost to your account and/or credit card within three business days. However, you are required to report your bank account details and/or credit card details accurately and fully to our company finance authorities.


4) Delivery

We’re trying to ship the items you ordered to us on the same day. For products that take time to supply, the shipping time is 3 business days, as indicated in the product detail. You will be informed in the event of any delays in delivery.

To ensure uninterrupted product delivery, kindly provide the address of your location during the day as the delivery address.

At the conclusion of the order, your requests will be handled in order to get ready for the kind of delivery you’ve chosen. Products will be delivered to Brink’s, an insured cargo company, from our Istanbul-based business. Your orders will be delivered to the cargo company at the end of two (two) business days after they have been approved.

You can consult with our client representative on the terms and conditions of the delivery.


5) Payment Tracking

If there are any issues that prevent the system from processing, our visitor is informed at the end of the payment page.

In relation to the order, the buyer is contacted if there is a problem with the specified address and delivery cannot take place.

An automatic email sent after the payment of the order verifies that the email address provided by our visitor is valid.


Since we use the credit card system, we are just as accountable to the bank as we are to the customer.


Please be careful!

Open and examine the packages in front of the firm authority, to check if packages were damaged during the shipping. Do not take the product if you believe it to be damaged; instead, give it to the shipping company’s firm authority.

Once the product is delivered, it is acknowledged that the cargo company had successfully completed its task.

Report your prepared transcript to as soon as possible if the product is damaged.

If you go through with these steps, we’ll start working on your package and make sure the delivery happens again as soon as possible.

You will aid us in our future work if you briefly explain in this email why you wish to return the item.